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East or West - B&Bs Are Best!

To Be Held:
November 8-10, 2015
Holiday Inn South I-94
4751 Owen Ayres Court Eau Claire, WI  54701
call 715-830-9889 for the "B&B Conference" rate.

NEW for 2015: TRADE SHOW time increased!
Innkeeper attendees will have more time with their industry partners – the businesses that provide the products & services for managing the inn, guest amenities, etc. - at our expanded TRADE SHOW hours.

On Monday November 9, our conference space allows up to 15 industry vendor partners to ‘open for business’ a day early.

On Tuesday November 10, our TRADE SHOW dedicated space accommodates a total of about 40 industry vendor partners - and we welcomed 40 businesses at our 2014 conference.  

During the TRADE SHOW, no other events are scheduled from 8 am to 12 pm – so innkeepers and vendors have each other’s undivided attention!

Lunch immediately follows with the Industry Vendor Program:  each briefly introduces their business and (if they participated) draws the winning business card from those collected at their booth.

Trade Show Registration

Here's what attendees enjoyed & learned in 2014:

East or West - B&Bs Are Best!

November 9-10-11 (Sunday – Tuesday) …
Waupaca Wisconsin at the Waupaca Ale House & Conference Center.

Presented by the Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association,
in partnership with the Minnesota Bed & Breakfast Association,
we welcome innkeepers and prospective innkeepers from throughout the Midwest.

You simply won’t want to / simply should not miss hearing our featured speaker:  Scott Crumpton - White Stone Marketing.
Let us introduce Scott with a bit of background: at the national B&B conference (PAII), simply follow the crowd to any session presented by Scott! Always one of the top-rated speakers, Scott is known for ‘tough love’ … telling it like it is regarding websites & marketing … and he has the expertise to back it up.
Scott’s company, White Stone Marketing, does high-end websites for a limited number of inns, and their approach is a comprehensive ‘branding’ / marketing for the inn. This is an opportunity for you to learn from the best, and apply it to your own website & marketing.

At you can get acquainted with Scott by clicking on ‘see videos’.  Here are 2 to get you started:
                WHO WE ARE:  How we differ, the Science of Conversion
                WEB DESIGN: Anything that gets in the way of booking needs to be thrown out.
Back on the home page, scroll down and you’ll see ‘recent work’ – check out the process & the result for Old Rittenhouse Inn in Bayfield:

B&B TOUR & DINNER:  we are thrilled that 6 B&Bs right in the Waupaca area will be on very special tour (transportation included) followed by dinner! Appetizers are served at the B&Bs; dinner is at Green Fountain Inn (Waupaca), a delightful 4-guest room B&B with a gourmet restaurant (and we don't use that term lightly) … and they were just named Waupaca’s Small Business of the Year.  This is a Sunday afternoon / evening event.

The conference schedule is
Sunday November 9th
        8-5  Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar (separate registration)
        3-9  B&B Tour & Dinner (separate registration fee; limit 40)
        6-9  Welcome Mixer - Wine Tasting & Appetizers presented by the Wisconsin Winery, Neuske's Meats, and WBBA 

Monday November 10th
7:00   Conference Registration Continues
8:00-10:00  WELCOME 
General Session:  Scott Crumpton / White Stone Marketing
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly -- yes, we're talking about your website!
Scott: If I've heard it once I've heard it a thousand times -- "EVERYONE loves your website" and it's just not true. In this session, we're going to pull back the curtain and expose the flaws of your website. We're going to ridicule it, use it as fodder for humor and maybe if you're really lucky, heap some praise on it. This isn't about you and we're not insulting your children -- we're talking about the effectiveness of a given website design for the purpose of improvement. Don't worry, I can be gentle if you need and simply focus on the positive points of your site!. Come to the session and be prepared for some fun and laughs! (
We’ll pass the hat—and draw the business cards of the (brave) innkeepers who want an honest analysis of their website.) 

  A look back at 2014, and a look ahead as Discover Wisconsin presents details of our 2015-2017 multi-media promotion


12:00  Lunch together again

1:00-2:15  General Session: Scott Crumpton / White Stone Marketing
  Surviving The Lodging Revolution – Part 1 – The State of Our Industry
There’s a revolution going on in the lodging industry and the battle lines are being drawn. Airbnb, The OTA’s and chain hotels are all vying with traditional bed and breakfast inns for mindshare and market share of the traveling public. The competition is stiff, well organized, wealthy and powerful but there’s a way to compete and win if we all work together.

  Breakout Sessions
1. Using Pinterest to Get Heads in Beds  -  Zach Pawlosky / Candeo Creative
  The average user spends 6 hour a week on Pinterest—turn these browsers into buyers with practical tools to capture the right audience and develop awareness of your brand.

  2. Beyond Burnout: Rekindling the Fire  -  Nancy Huisenga
  From actor to nurse to innkeeper to author, Nancy says ‘”No one thinks they will burn out until they do.” Prevention is key to facing the challenges and moving forward with a sense of renewal and personal growth. 

  3. Leave it to Cleaver  -  Bill Peterson & Paul Tseng
  Paul, professional chef/culinary school instructor and Bill, a meat-cutter / 30 year veteran of the knife business bring the knives, cutting boards, and foods for this hands-on session.

  4. Silent Sporters make noise at B&Bs  - Joel Patenaude, Editor Silent Sports Magazine
  As bicycling is the 'new golf,' silent sporters are the new B&B guests.  Joel will delve into how more people are including cycling, running, paddling and Nordic skiing into their vacation plans and how innkeepers can attract them, make room for them and attend to their unique needs.

1. Scott Crumpton / White Stone Marketing
  Surviving The Lodging Revolution – Part 2 – A Marketing Plan for Innkeepers
The number of rooms in your area just tripled or soon will (think airbnb), the hotels are lowering prices, the OTA’s are eating away at your revenue and you’re getting crushed in the middle!  If you’re not feeling the pinch yet, you will soon and you’ll need to know how to compete. In this session, I’ll outline and prioritize everything an innkeeper must do in order to thrive in 2015 and beyond.

  2.  What Google Wants, Google Gets  -  Pat McCauley / InsideOut
  Get prepared for the mobile revolution with responsive website design, factoring in speed, attracting traffic, and changing content.

  3. Understanding the Affluent Traveler  -  Janice Hurley /
  We’ll dive deep into the habits of affluent travelers and provide tips on how you can better reach them.

  4.  How not to murder your Partner  -  Heide Bredfeldt / Inn Partners
  From scheduling time together and apart, splitting responsibilities, and how to negotiate when you see things differently, you’ll walk out of the workshop with a handful of ground rules and tools for survival.

1. Can Reviews lead to success? Pat McCauley / InsideOut Solutions
  Everyone is a travel reviewer (and sometimes a reviler) do you deal with a bad review & how do you invite good reviews. 

  2. Exiting Innkeeping  -  Tim Piper / Inn Partners
  From finally finishing the owner's quarters to straightening out finances to cleaning out Capital Improvements ... how innkeepers must prepare to sell the inn.

  3. Down & Dirty on Clean & Green  -  Twyla Sickmiller / Turkish Towel Company
  Break from tradition and learn environmentally friendly solutions for your toughest cleaning problems

  4. 2015 Traveler Trends  -  Janice Hurley /
  What do travelers want and how can you provide it without breaking the bank (and your back!)?  How can you stay ahead of the curve?

6:30   Social – cash bar Micro-Brew Tasting

7:00   BANQUET + Scholarship Fundraiser DESSERT AUCTION
  Announcing the winner of the “Why I need new photos for my Inn”  WBBA + Paramount Pixels Photo Contest

Tuesday November 11
7:00 .  Conference Registration continues
8:00-9:00  Breakout Sessions 
  1. Photography Before & After -  Barb & Don Trueman, Greg Page / Paramount Pixels
  Join Paramount Pixels Digital Design Studio owners as they show you before/after examples of how important the right images for your website are to your bottom line.   Workshop includes tips on Staging, Lighting, Resolution, Web vs. Print format, and ROI.   Paramount Pixels has over 100 happy B&B clients. See the before/after results of WBBA's photo contest.  

  2. Dealing with Difficult People  -  Paul Gasser-Marriage & Family Therapist
  Ever had a guest who frustrated you so much that #$%& ?   Learn strategies to prevent or control these situations and resolve customer complaints to avoid stress and frustration. 

  3. Exiting Innkeeping  -  Tim Piper / Inn Partners
  From finally finishing the owner's quarters to straightening out finances to cleaning out Capital Improvements ... how innkeepers must prepare to sell the inn.
8:00-1:00  TRADE SHOW  (preview / appointments at 8-9)

1:00-2:00 LUNCH, Vendor Drawings

2:00 – 3:00  Roundtable Discussions - Topics chosen by YOU (innkeepers)

3:00   Adjourn   




We're pleased to welcome these businesses that provide B&B innkeepers & guests with products and services to the 2014 Innkeeper Trade Show ...


Richard Ahlstrom
5501 - 95th Avenue,   Kenosha, WI 53144
Tel: (262) 653.2000  Fax: (262) 653.2019  ORDERS: 800.445.1754800-445-1754

ABATRON, Inc. manufactures specialty epoxies for repairing and restoring wood, concrete and metal. Our LiquidWood® and WoodEpox® products have been used for over 30 years to make permanent repairs to windows, doors, columns and ornamental woodwork.  We also feature an in-house mold making and casting shop where we can recreate just about any architectural element.  Visit our booth for demonstrations of our high performance restoration products.


April Cornell
Cheri Blazek

131 Battery Street, Burlington, VT   05401
Phone:   (802) 448-3281  221  Fax:  (802) 448-3287
April Cornell celebrates the beauty of Nature. We are committed to designing linen collections that are quintessentially artistic in character, highly detailed, and add meaning to women's lives. We use nature's color palette, lines, forms and shapes as our guides.  April's linens collection and aprons are an inspiration to make an occasion of every day.
WBBA thanks April Cornell for the marketbag for the tradeshow drawing.
Janice Hurley 512.496.9930 (mobile)

1011 W Fifth Street, Suite 300
Austin TX 70703

Jhurley is the most comprehensive global site for inspiring, planning and booking B&B travel. With more than 12,000 properties worldwide and nearly 75,000 rooms, helps travelers find the perfect B&B through detailed descriptions,  photos, and consumer reviews. also allows travelers to give the gift of a getaway with the Getaway Gift Card, welcomed at nearly 4,000 B&Bs in the United States and Canada, with no restrictions or blackout dates.


BnB Websites
Fred Pierce, Matt Huntington
523 N State Road 198, Suite 202
Salem, UT 84653
Phone: 801-405-6861 or 801-615-9759
Twice the Website - Half the Cost
BnBwebsites is a next generation website provider.  How do we do it? We pre-make most of our designs so you know what you are getting upfront. Our designs are attractive, guest friendly and effective  a new website will help you book more rooms.
BnBwebsites is hosted on the cloud, so your website is safe and secure. You don't have to worry - your site will be up and running so you can get those online bookings day or night. (USA) Inc.
Susan Biemans George Yfantidis
200 W Madison St, Ste 1450
Chicago, IL  60606 Phone: 312-279-8503 currently brings business to 611 properties in Wisconsin, with 525,000 properties worldwide. We are the world’s largest accommodation's website, offering global exposure to our partners in a scalable, personalized, and flexible format for properties of all sizes.  Translated into 42 languages, the site books over 700,000 room nights every 24 hours.  Over 8,000 people worldwide are dedicated to serving's customers and partners with dedicated account managers for each property.
WBBA thanks for providing 200 lanyards for the conference attendees.
WBBA recognizes as a valued Business Associate Member.

Books by Nancy H.
Nancy Huisenga  507-951-3308
706 Fillmore Ave. South, Lanesboro MN 55949

Get the inside story and a taste of a retirement that is anything but that with Nancy Huisenga's memoir of 13 years running the highly successful Habberstad House B&B in Lanesboro, MN.  She shares her best breakfast recipes, and describes the challenges she and her husband have faced with homor and an open heart.  She will sign and personalize the sales of Behind the Door Marked Private: Confessions of a Small Town Bed and Breakfast Owner.
WBBA thanks Nancy for "Behind the Door Marked Private" for the trade show drawing.


Candeo Creative
Zack Pawlosky  920-410-2121
21 Waugoo Ave, Oshkosh WI  54901

Candeo Creative is a dynamic and flourishing fullscale marketing agency that lives and breathes brilliant marketing. Our team is dedicated to seeking the best solutions for our clients, from startups to international organizations. We are proud to offer services in the areas of marketing strategy & research,videography, media design, public relations, email marketing, website development & design, social media marketing and much more!


Carr Valley Cheese
Patty Koenig, Beth Wyttenbach  608-986-2781
S3797 Cty Hwy G, LaValle    WI  53941
Carr Valley Cheese is dedicated to crafting the highest quality artisan and specialty cheese.  Our classic cheeses are made in central Wisconsin using fresh cow, goat, and sheep milk.  Our skilled cheesemakers make over 80 award-winning cheeses that range from traditional classics to American Originals.  We utilize several affinage techniques to finish these unique varieties that range from waxing, smearing, dry-curing, and open-air cave aging.  Since 1883, this family owned business has been pairing old-world craftsmanship and innovation for a delicious combination you're sure to love.


CobraHead LLC
Noel Valdes, Judy Valdes
W9545 Hwy 18, Cambridge WI  53523
608-423-9119 fax 608-423-4884
CobraHead LLC produces The CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator and The CobraHead® Long Handle.  Our Wisconsin made garden tools are rugged, environmentally friendly, ergonomic, and exceptionally useful.  Endorsed by America's best professional gardeners.  For weeding, cultivating, digging, and planting and more.  If you maintain gardens, flowers, borders, or just need to weed occasionally, CobraHead tools make it easier.  Gardeners love CobraHead tools!
WBBA thanks CobraHead LLC for the Weeder & Cultivator for the trade show drawing.


Deneen Pottery / Cloth & Clay, Inc.
Peter Deneen 
2325 Endicott Street, St. Paul, MN  55114

Phone: 888-646-0238, 651-646-0238  website
Deneen Pottery produces the finest hand thrown customized stoneware Coffee Mugs, Tavernware, Gifts, Accent pieces, and Dinnerware available. We have the largest selection of glazes in a rainbow of colors, to match most any decor.

Cloth & Clay, Inc. also offers embroidered or silk screened apparel items including T-shirts, Polo-shirts, Sweat-shirts, Aprons, Robes, Tote Bags, and Caps.


DI, LLC - Decorator Industries
Amber Marion, Katie Reynolds, Kim
Frome 1-800-678-5423
1400 East Ash Street, Abbottsford WI 54405
Window treatments, top-of-bed goods and accessories for the hospitality industry. Our team of professionals, responsive customer service department, and highly skilled craftsmen & women makes Decorator Industries the perfect choice for your next project. 


Essential Oils and You
Eleanor Curman, Ann McCotter
323 Hidden Ridges Court, Combined Locks WI  54113
In 2008 doTERRA was started by health-care and business professionals with a vision to bring a new standard of oils to the world in the absence of government standards. "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" caused doTERRA to became the largest provider of essential oils in the world; over 100,000 Wellness Advocates introduce and educate about the benefits of essential oil use for Cleaning, Personal Care, Linen & room spray, Laundry stain remover, Laundry detergent, Aroma therapy, Boost immune system, Cook with essential oils, and Aroma Touch.WBBA thanks Essential Oils and You for the Basket of Essential Oil products for the trade show drawing.


Gilchrist & Soames
Christine Thompson, Melody Landis  317-781-5758
2425 E Perry Road, Suite 150
Plainfield IN  46168
Gilchrist & Soames is a leading provider of spa, bath and body products for some of the world’s most exclusive hotels, spas and resorts. We specialize in serving the luxury market, and our products can currently be found in more than 6,000 properties in over 90 countries worldwide. We work with hoteliers who share our passion for luxury and service, offering our own branded collections, prestigious retail brands and tailor-made ranges.
WBBA thanks Gilchrist & Soames for the gift basket for the Trade Show drawing.

INN Consulting Partners
Heide Bredfeldt, Tim Piper
PO Box 1162 Brattleboro VT 05302
802-257-2360 or toll free 877-957-2360

Selling an Inn? Inn Consulting Partners will take your Inn from Valuation to closing, using our combined 50 years experience and hundreds of successful transfers.
Buying an Inn? We help prospective innkeepers find the right Inn - we pride ourselves on making a good match!


Inn Temps Inc - Sharon Bromen
20969 152nd St NW, Elk River MN 55330

Amazing Innkeeper Relief, LLC - Daloha Damron Burchell
5022 Violet Lane Madison, WI 53714-2131
Phone: 414-840-8693  

As Certified Interim Innkeepers, we know innkeeping is a 24/7 commitment. While you love what you do, everyone needs time away on occasion for business, family, or just to rejuvenate so you can keep loving the job you do.  Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind while you are away and to ensure your business is well cared for – your way –in a confidential and professional manner.
WBBA thanks Inn Temps Inc & Amazing Innkeeper Relief for the Gift Certificate toward a 'sit' for the trade show drawing.

InsideOut Solutions
1271 Three Crabs Road, Sequim WA 98382 
Email: Web:
Pat McCauley
InsideOut Solutions is a destination marketing company offering web and print marketing services.  Our ability to provide customized solutions to companies of virtually any size or sector has made us a leader in the destination marketing industry.  Our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our clients.
WBBA thanks Pat for the 2-month social media package for the trade show drawing.
WBBA recognizes InsideOut Solutions as the architect of WBBA’s website—one of the most visited state association website in the country… 


Jeff Logan Proactive  
Jeff Logan 360-808-7452
9509 North Town Drive, Bainbridge Island, WA    98110
 A seasoned specialist and presenter on Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Social Media, Google, Wordpress and Internet Marketing, Jeff helps you get online bookings & shows you how to track every penny you make from them back to the source. Discover how to get reviews in the locations vital to the success of your online marketing efforts. For 19 years, Jeff has worked with innkeepers from across the nation—more than 900 B&Bs—and with 22 lodging associations. Formerly, Jeff was with InsideOut Solutions, developer of WBBA’s website.  He continues to work with innkeepers for website design, hosting and SEO.

We thank Jeff Logan Proactive for the $25 Starbucks card for the Trade Show drawing.

Last Course Sensations

Linda Speziale   920-562-0499
N5920 County Road E, Bangor WI  54614
Last Course Sensations is a boutique bakery specializing in hand-crafted, single-serving desserts.  Our specialty is “Butter Tarts”--rich, flaky pastry filled with caramel containing pecans, chocolate or raisins, the ultimate dessert experience!
Impress your guests with a unique, elegant and unforgettable gift from Last Course Sensations.
WBBA thanks Last Course Sensations for the gift box of 6 butter tarts for the trade-show drawings.
WBBA recognizes Last Course Sensations as a valued Business Associate Member!


LEUTE. MINSKY. Pictures. Words.
Joe Leute, Carla Minsky  920-924-0297 
27 Greenview Court, Fond du Lac WI  54935
Joe and Carla have been working together since 2010 and specialize in travel and tourism photography.  They describe their style as 'editorial-meets-commercial", creating photos that make an emotional connection and tell a compelling story by cpturing real moments, working with natural light whenever possible, and avoiding over-processing.  It's a style that allows clients to get the broadest use of photos.  A typical day shoot can produce upwards of 50 photos.  Joe's work has been exhibited at Gallery Night in Madison and with a special gallery showing at the historic H. H. Bennett Studio in Wisconsin Dells.
WBBA thanks Joe & Carla for the limited edition Wisconsin River art print, valued at $600, for the Scholarship/Marketing fund-raising auction.

Jacob Powell, Brian Rhiel  612-460-0634
10705 Genevieve Lane, Minnetonka MN  55305

Lodgeasy is a new service which helps property owners fill vacancies.  We do this by having a vacationer "list" their vacation - where they want to go, what they can afford, and when they plan to go.  The property owners make offers on those listings.  The offers from the property owners are reviewed by the vacationer, who can then decline, accept, or invite a new offer.  During the beta release, the service is free for all users.

Midwest Features Syndicate
Mary Bergin  608-274-8925
POB 259623, Madison WI  53725

Midwest Features Syndicate since 2002 has produced a weekly and syndicated travel/food column for Wisconsin newspapers. Writer Mary Bergin also writes books that innkeepers value as a library/coffeetable resource for their guests. Titles include Sidetracked in the Midwest: A Green Guide for Travelers, Hungry for Wisconsin, Sidetracked in Wisconsin and Eat Smart in Germany. Mary’s next book, The Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook, is slated for a spring 2015 release by Globe Pequot  Press.
WBBA thanks Mary for her 2 books, Sidetracked in the Midwest and Hungry for Wisconsin for the Trade Show drawing.

Minky Pillow Cases by Vonnie Rae
Vonnie Folsom  763-757-3838
2608 Rivers Bluff Lane, Anoka MN  55303 
Lusciously soft, Minky pillowcases are elegant, cozy but cool, and comforting.  Available in many colors and prints.  Personalize with your logo (additional charge). Can be purchased for resale to guests.

WBBA thanks Vonnie for the 2 Minky Pillow Cases for the trade show drawing.

Toni Thomas 920-434-8978
2992 Hidden Lake Lane, Green Bay WI 54313 
Our Norwex Mission…Improving quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in our homes.
•SAVE your Health-with Norwex products, you don’t breathe, touch or ingest harmful chemicals.
•SAVE Time-Norwex products decrease cleaning time by 75% or more.
•SAVE Money-By using Norwex products you can save up to 90% annually.
•SAVE the Environment-Natural ingredients, help protect and sustain our environments.
WBBA thanks Toni for the Norwex Chemical Free Home Cleaning Cloth Packagefor the trade show drawing.

Our Wisconsin Magazine
Dave Hutchinson, Mike Beno, Ruth Johnson
399 S. Hwy 51, Manitowish Waters WI  54545
Phone 715-543-2311 Fax 715-543-2312
Introducing the fastest-growing publication in the state!  It’s colorful, conversational and celebrates all that’s great about life in Wisconsin.  With your free sample issue, you’ll see why more than 90,000 subscribers have signed up in just a year and a half.  Our engaged and active readers live in all 72 Wisconsin counties and in all 50 states.  They have the time and means to travel.  You can reach this highly desirable audience very cost effectively.  And our high-quality paper with brilliant color printing can showcase your inn in ways that other media simply can’t match.

WBBA thanks Our Wisconsin Magazine for the 1/4 page ad ($950 value), 12 subscriptions , and 6 Amish Pies for the trade show drawing...and an Amish Pie for our Scholarship/Marketing fund-raising dessert auction!
WBBA recognizes Our Wisconsin Magazine as a valued Business Associate Member.

Paramount Pixels
Don & Barb Trueman, Greg Page  651-430-1068  
511 Hemlock St. South, Stillwater MN  55082
Are your website photos selling room nites?  Surveys show you have one second to grab a potential guests attention.  If you are not showcasing dynamic images, those guests will move on without booking.  Our photo packages include:  • Experienced B&B Photographer in architecture, food, exteriors, models and mood setting  * Staging  * State of the Art Equipment  •  Lighting   •  Post Production Photoshop   • Innkeeper Collaboration    * Contracts - No Surprises!  * You own your purchased images   •  Fast Delivery   •  Work Guaranteed
2015 Packages: $1,095 for 15 images      $1,495  25 Images    Call or email for other quotes.  Over 100 B&B’s have used our services.    Additional marketing services include:  Website Design & WordPress programming, Rack Cards, Business Cards
NOTE:  WINNER of the Photo Package to be announced at Monday's Banquet.
WBBA recognizes Paramount Pixels as a valued Business Associate Member, and thanks them for the Trade Show drawing prize of 250 - 4 color, 2 sided business cards designed, printed, and delivered.

Aireen Finnerty, Mandie Knudsen
523 N State Rd 198 Suite 201
Salem, UT 84653  Phone: 801-805-6682 
ResNexus is a powerful all-in-one property & guest management software solution for any business that takes reservations. ResNexus can help you run your business effectively 24/7.

Rishi Tea
Jessica Conley  414-426-7813
185 S 33rd Court, Milwaukee WI  53208

Rishi Tea, founded in 1997, is committed to leave no leaf unturned, Rishi travels the world each season, tasting and sourcing the finest teas alongside the farmers who cultivate them. Long-term partnerships allow Rishi to establish cooperation with growers in organic production, sustainable harvesting, and artisan processing techniques. Rishi offers single-garden teas fresh each season and imported directly from origin, original herbal blends inspired by global culinary arts and traditional herbal cultures. Rishi partners with many third wave coffee roasters and can also be found in natural and gourmet retailers, hotels and fine dining throughout North America. The company operates out of its state-of-the-art organic tea processing and development facility in Milwaukee, WI.

The Shaklee Center
Brit Schoeneberg 608-635-2177  888-859-8298
130 N Franklin St., Poynette WI  53955
Shaklee, Nature Inspired. At Shaklee we strive to create the most pure, natural, and effective products that help make you healthier on the inside and out.  Use them to have a healthier life.  Tell other innkeepers and friends to generate a healthier income.
WBBA thanks Shaklee for providing Shaklee Mindworks & Mental Acuity for the trade-show drawing.


Sheets Galore
Dale Hellickson  320.250.0440
2419 Serenity Drive, St Cloud MN 56301
"I just love my sheets"!
We hear this comment from our customers all the time.
At Sheets Galore we sell complete sets of sheets made from brushed microfiber from the Clara Clark Collection, a New York based designer. These sheets are wrinkle free, will not pill, shrink, or fade. In fact, the more you wash them the softer they get. You and your customers will love how they feel. Each set includes a fitted sheet ( up to 16" deep pockets for over sized mattresses), a flat sheet and two pillowcases. We have a variety of sizes and 12 popular colors that can accent any decor.
WBBA thanks Sheets Galore for the Bed Sheet Set for the Trade Show drawing.


Silent Sports, Journeys, & Packerland Pride
MMC - Multi Media Channels
Susie Gawriluk, your marketing guru  
24 W. Rives St, Rhinelander WI 54501,
MMC (Multi Media Channels) thru print, websites and social media, gives B&B's direct access to travelling consumers.  Silent Sports,THE Midwest's monthly magazine on cycling, paddling, running, hiking, xc skiing and snowshoeing with subscribers primarily in WI, IL, MI, MN and IA;  Wisconsin Journeys travel guides 4x a year; Packerland Pride fan magazines 9x a year.
WBBA thanks you for two $100 certificates toward advertising with MMC AND 5 - t-shirt/subscription combo offers ($39.95 value each) for the trade-show drawing.


Sunset Hill Stoneware
Jessica Fenner     Pat Bowser 

1416 South Commercial St, Neenah WI  54956  920-886-1115
Beautify your inn with Sunset Hill Stoneware! Our one-of-a-kind Signature Stoneware TM pieces are handcrafted by Wisconsin artisans and act as a lasting memory for your guests.  Use on your breakfast table, to decorate your guest bedrooms - or re-sell for profit. Offer your guests affordable pottery handmade to last a lifetime. Ask about our B&B Guarantee!
WBBA thanks Sunset HIll Stoneware for the set of Mugs & Coasters for the 2013 trade-show drawing AND for the gift of mugs & vase commemorating WBBA's 25th Conference!
WBBA recognizes Sunset Hill Stoneware as valued Business Associate Member.


The Tiffany Agency, Inc.
David Tiffany, Tammara Tiffany    262-642-2800
W2745 County Road D, Elkhorn  WI  53121
Insurance Services – all lines.
WBBA thanks Dave Tiffany for presenting “B&B Insurance – What You Should Know” at WBBA’s Aspiring Innkeeper Seminars


Travel Guard Travel Insurance
Janet Janssen, AIG - Director - Property Management
AIG Travel | AIG Property Casualty
3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54482
Tel 715 295 9132 | Mobile 608 302 9109 | Fax 877 202 4259 | | |

AIG is a world leading property-casualty and general insurance organization serving more than 70 million clients around the world.  Our Travel Guard travel insurance plans serve all segments of the resort industry to cover your guests and help make you more profitable. Our global reach, unparalleled service quality and proven operational capabilities allow your guests to receive best-in-class care. Stop by our booth to learn more or visit


Trig's SmokeHouse
Kari Roosa 715-490-3948
1607 N Stevens Street, Rhinelander WI  54501

Trig’s Smokehouse combines the expertise of our certified Master Meat Crafter, premium ingredients, state of the art smokers and the finest hardwood smoke to make our delicious products.  We are very well known for our World’s Best Brats, currently making 19 different flavors!  Today, we will be sampling our bacon… cured, salted and smoked – just like Paul Bunyan preferred!  In addition, we will be sampling our Maple, Cranberry and Blue-Cranberry Maple Pork Links, a marriage of our savory link and good honest flavors!  We thank Trig's SmokeHouse for the bacon & sausage link samples provided for the Trade Show drawing.


Turkish Towel Company
Twyla Sickmiller 336-783-7588
The Turkish Towel Company is the manufacturer direct to you source of 100% Turkish Cotton towels and robes.   Our QUALITY never goes out of style!  When only the finest Turkish towels and bathrobes will do,  we are the ones to provide you with that source.   Our high quality robes allow your guests to wrap themselves in luxury.  Our towels are thick and thirsty to absorb those water drops quickly and efficiently and last through many more washings than other towels.    Be sure to come by our booth for a small gift, and then try on our newest robe…. The Espresso Vel-Soft  Robe with the “teddy bear” feel, and the new Peshtemal/Terry robe too.   And yes…. Ask about any of our show specials.  We want to be your towel and robe source – The Turkish Towel Company!

Velocity Payment Systems
David Allen
4215 Enterprise Circle, Duluth MN 55811
Phone:  218-727-2203  Fax: 218-727-2612
Email:    Web:

Velocity Payment Systems is endorsed by the WBBA as the recommended provider of credit card processing for WBBA members.  VPS has extensive knowledge and experience in the lodging industry. The VPS / WBBA rate and fee structure gives WBBA members the lowest cost processing in the industry. 
WBBA recognizes Velocity Payment Systems as a valued Business Associate Member


White Stone Marketing
Scott & Allison Crumpton
5255 Chimney Gulch Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80924 
White Stone Marketing is a strategic design and internet marketing group, focusing on an exclusive and limited client base. We ensure personal service and market superiority to the luxury inn/boutique hotel property niche and have the methodology and expertise to help our clients attain their maximum potential. Our team of experts leverage years of experience to help our clients achieve their revenue goals and gain substantial market share in their region.


Tammy Dunn  262-749-0033
POB 1255, Lake Geneva WI  53147

Do you have a beautiful rack card showcasing your property, and wonder how to get it into the hands of potential guests?  Wisconsin2GO offers a unique solution!  WI2GO is a traveling visitor information center, distributing brochures and encouraging tourism in the state of Wisconsin.  Each year, our Wisconsin welcome booth is set up at five different festivals throughout the state, with a combined attendance totaling at least 250,000.  Wisconsin2GO can also help you build your e-news database!

WBBA thanks Wisconsin2Go for the gift certificate for one complimentary rack card distribution in 2015 (valued at $250) for the Trade Show Drawing.


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