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Same Day Deal - savings up to $40
Westby House Inn WebsiteAvailability
Category: Last Minute Special
Last Minute Plans caught you by surprise? Call us to check our availability and mention "WBBA's Same Day Deal" to receive up to $40 savings!! 800-434-7439/608-634-4112
Anniversary Romance - 76.00
Westby House Inn WebsiteAvailability
Category: Anniversary
Share in a bottle of House Wine from your keepsake Westby House logo wine glasses over a cheese & fresh fruit plate. For background music listen to a CD of piano music that you get to take with you. Fragrant fresh flowers await your arrival and then continue to enjoy them at home! Two Westby House logo coffee cups will travel home with you to savor the aromas morning coffee. Visit our Specials & Packages page on our web site for more details.

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