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We’ve got the cure for cabin fever!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

The first step to curing the 2013 strain of cabin fever is to leave your house. The second step is to head to a Wisconsin B&B Association member inn and, lo and behold, we’ve got real cabin B&Bs to choose from.  In Wisconsin, inns come in all shapes and sizes, which makes finding a unique place to stay a happy endeavor. You have your Victorian mansions, contemporary urban inns, working farms, and cabins. Yes, there are 18 member B&Bs whose architecture is true cabin, from the rough hewn logs to the big front porch to the roaring fire in the fireplace, like Grapevine Log Cabins B&B in Sparta and Tauschek’s B&B Log Home in Plymouth.  There are also inns that have cabins, with Justin Trails B&B Resort in Sparta a fine example of that. And inns with the cousin to the cabin – the cottage – like Thorp House Inn & Cottages in Fish Creek.

Stay at a quiant cottage at Thorp House Inn & Cottages in Fish Creek.

Relax on the porch at Tauschek’s B&B Log Home in Plymouth.

Cabin-Style B&Bs Actual Cure for Cabin Fever

Friday, February 18th, 2011

It’s about this time every year when we all start feeling a little squirrely. The walls seem to close in and we cringe every time the words “snow” and “cold” show up in the forecast yet again. So is there a cure for the proverbial cabin fever? Strangely enough, the answer may lie in staying at a cabin-style B&B in Wisconsin. Just the act of getting out of the house, exploring someplace new, sleeping under a plump down comforter and waking up to a gourmet breakfast prepared by someone other than yourself may be all the antidote you need to feel yourself again. May we suggest these B&Bs that either are actual cabins or deliver a cabin ambiance: Grapevine Log Cabins in Sparta; Tauschek’s Log Home in Plymouth; Inn at Lonesome Hollow in Soldiers Grove; Justin Trails in Sparta; Lazy Cloud B&B in Lake Geneva; and Bowman’s Oak Hill B&B in Wisconsin Dells.