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Holidays with the In-Laws…Not So Fast

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Sure, you may love your in-laws, but do you want to spend every waking hour of the holidays with them?  It’s OK to reply no. On the other hand, you may really like the comfy feeling you get staying at their home and the idea of a made-from-scratch breakfast.  Wisconsin B&Bs give you the best of both worlds – all the amenities with none of the drama.  Speaking of amenities, why not stay at a B&B with on-site spa services or its own gift shop or an indoor pool, just to up the escape factor?  There, problem solved and everyone is guaranteed good memories of the 2012 holiday season.

There just might be something as de-stressing as a dip in a pool …a massage! Innkeeper Loren (certified massage therapist) at Country Comfort provides on-site massage services. Here’s what one guest commented: “I highly recommend assisted stretching and massage on a consistent basis for any athlete. Loren’s services are truly great. He is a caring professional who strives to provide the best therapeutic care for his clients.” -Beth

What’s better than an indoor heated pool to de-stress and burn off a few calories? Ye Olde Manor House in Elkhorn invites you to do just that, whether the view to the outside is swirling snowflakes or blooming flowers.

Ask Wisconsin B&B Innkeepers for Black Friday Finds

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has morphed into a month of Black Fridays, it seems. And there’s nothing wrong with picking up a gift here and there wherever your travels take you – just makes the holidays a little less stressful by eliminating the last-minute rush. When you’re staying at a Wisconsin B&B, ask the innkeeper for their recommendations on the best boutiques and shops around town. They’ll definitely have the inside scoop on terrific finds and one-of-a-kind items. Maybe you can even reward yourself with a little holiday gift.