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Wisconsin ‘Grown’ Aluminum Trees

Friday, December 27th, 2013

People who remember them don’t necessarily miss them and most young people have seen them only on TV in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”… the Evergleam aluminum Christmas tree! Wisconsin – known for its lumberjack history and woodsy vibe – was also home to the Aluminum Specialty Company of Manitowoc, manufacturer of over a million silver trees from 1955 – 1972.
Laugh – or cringe – if you must; sold originally for $10-$20, the trees are now are worth hundreds – and the rare pink tree is valued at $1500. Is anyone running up to the attic about now? If you find this treasure, it will be light – the trees were designed to be light enough for women to lift the boxes containing the tree, stand, and colored light wheel. How considerate.
We can’t promise that you’ll see shiny-ever-changing-colors aluminum trees at our 140 B&Bs, but feel free to look.  And, the Wisconsin Historical Museum on the Capitol Square in Madison now has an exhibit – due to its popularity, this is the 4th time Evergleam trees have been featured.  Shine on!

Blue ... shimmering aluminum tree. 60% of America's aluminum trees were produced in Wisconsin!

Blue … red…green… shimmering aluminum tree. 60% of America’s aluminum trees were produced in Wisconsin!