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CertifiChecks:  history

CertifiChecks, a company that administered gift certificate programs for thousands of non-profit associations, chambers of commerce and other tourism groups around the country, announced its Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing on February 26, 2009.  CertifiCheck gift certificate purchasers were notified and given the opportunity to file a claim for the settlement.

The Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association (WBBA), like many other non-profits, was stunned.  WBBA had used CertifiChecks to handle their gift certificate transactions, beginning in 2000.  CertifiChecks accepted payment from gift certificate purchasers, issued the gift certificate, then reimbursed the B&B owners when the certificates were redeemed.
For one year after the bankruptcy, member inns of the Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association dipped into their own pockets to honor the worthless "CertifiChecks". We sincerely thank the innkeepers who warmly welcomed the guests who presented the worthless "CertifiChecks", and to the guests who appreciated our hospitality under these circumstances.
WBBA wants guests to know it was not the Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association or innkeepers that collected the money, it was CertifiChecks that did so and was liable for reimbursement.

This was a difficult situation for certificate holders, innkeepers, and WBBA.

July 2011: The final report (195 pages, listing over 1200 claimants) for CertifiChecks' bankruptcy was released and the petitioners whose claims were approved were paid 10 cents on the dollar.
WBBA now administers its own Gift Card program.

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