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Milwaukee Ale House Grafton 
1208 13th Avenue, Grafton  53024 

The Legend continues...We serve up fresh music, live beer and great food. Located on 13th Avenue with a river view of Historic Grafton, WI.

Horny Goat Brewing Company 
2011 S. First Street Milwaukee 53207 

We're often questioned about the origin of our name. Our story has it that “Spanish Fly Brewing” sounded too clumsy. Another says it was a bet at a card game. A third we’ve been advised by our lawyers not to discuss. While each rendition may have some truth to them, what it really boils down to is quite simple: Beer is fun. Brewing is fun. Drinking beer with your buddies is fun.So why not a name that’s fun? After all, we’re in the business of helping people enjoy life. And we take our business very seriously. Our beers are craft brewed for Old World taste and new world refreshment.  Brewery Tours available by appointment.
Lakefront Brewery 1872 N. Commerce Street Milwaukee 53212 414-372-8800 
http://www.lakefrontbrewery.com Small, locally-owned brew house specializing in handmade beers in the tradition of early Milwaukee brewers.  Set in a historical building with picturesque downtown views.  Favorites include Riverwest Stein Beer, East Side Dark, Cream City Pale Ale, Cattail Ale and more. Retail Outlet, Tours.
Milwaukee Ale House 233 N. Water Street Milwaukee 53202 414-226-2337 
http://www.ale-house.com Enjoy the River Walk and historic brick and timber Ale House with a double deck.  Specialties include Louie's Demise Amber Ale and four house beers.  Retail Outlet, Observation Window, Tours.
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery 740 North Plankinton Ave Milwaukee 53203 414-276-3030 
http://www.rockbottom.com/milwaukee Every Rock Bottom brews their own unique recipes. No two locations beers are the same. Impressive? We think so. Serious about our food. Crazy about our beer.
Stonefly Brewing Company 735 E. Center Street Milwaukee 53212 414-264-3630 
http://www.stoneflybrewery.com The smallest locally owned brewery in Milwaukee.  Retail Outlet.
Water Street Brewery 1101 North Water Street Milwaukee 53202 414-272-1195 
http://www.waterstreetbrewery.com Celebrating 20 years of Brewing History! Brewing on premises a continuous variety of award winning traditional and specialty beers. Come for the beer, but stay for the food!
Randy's Funhunters Brewery & Restaurant 841 E. Milwaukee St.  Whitewater 53190 262-473-8000 
http://www.funhunters.net Hunter Brau, as the beer is professionally now known was carefully created and crafted with the oversight of world renowned brew master Karl Straus. All beer brewed at Randy’s is natural and no preservatives are added. As a certified brewery, Randy’s continues to provide up to six types of Brewed Beer. Stop in for a pint!

Pickwick Inn

East Troy, Wisconsin
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