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Black Husky Brewing Company   
W5951 Steffen Lane, Pembine 54156   

When we moved here from Milwaukee in 1999, we wanted to drink good beer but good beer hadn't quite made its way up here yet. So, like all good ""northwoodsmen"" we decided to make our own! However, simple homebrewing quickly took on a life of its own! With the urging of our friends we decided to open a nano-brewery, which is not quite a microbrewery, but in many ways reflective of the tradition of breweries in years past that would serve a small town or neighborhood. We produce our beer in single barrel or barrel and one-half batches, which gives us great flexibility in producing a wide variety of beers. Tours are $4 per person and include 6-8 samples and a souvenir sampling glass that is yours to keep.

Maxsell's Restaurant & Suites

Florence, Wisconsin
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