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Karben4 Brewing   
3698 Kinsman Blvd, Madison  53704  
608-241-4812     info@karben4.com   
We believe in using ingredients only when they make sense to the overall experience we are trying to share, regardless of style guidelines or popular trends.  Above all, we require our brews to be balanced.  When you are spending your hard-earned money on a pint you shouldn't have to fight through a rough spot in the flavor profile to get to the good part.  It should all be the good part.

One Barrel Brewing   
2001 Atwood Ave,  Madison  53704   
608-630-9286   info@onebarrelbrewing.com   
Madison’s first and only Nano-Brewery, located at the vibrant Schenks Corner/Atwood Avenue intersection. What used to be the old neighborhood grocery store is now a neighborhood pub. Webrew unique beers, one barrel at a time, and serve them for a limited time. Plus we offer wines, hard ciders, and partner with local purveyors for delicious eats. In fact, the only thing we don’t offer are the answers to life’s greatest questions…although some say they can be found at the bottom of a glass!!

Old Sugar Distillery   
931 East Main St,  Madison  53703   
608-260-0812    madisondistillery@gmail.com   

**WBBA Notes: While this isn't a Microbrewery, we considered this distillery to be a nice addition and well worth the time for those who may be interested in touring a distillery as well as a few microbreweries. **

Come by for a free taste and tour or to try one of our specialty cocktails. Email us to schedule a private tasting or tour.  We can also host catered parties of up to 99 people on off days. Tours are informal, so just let a bartender know you are interested in a tour when you arrive.  We sometimes can’t do tours after 7:30pm because we get busy serving cocktails, so come early if you’re interested in hearing all about how we make our products. Thursdays and Fridays 4-10pm Saturdays  noon-10pm

Next Door Brewering Company   
2439 Atwood Ave,  Madison  53704   
608-729-3683  pepper@nextdoorbrewing.com   
Next Door Brewing Company is a brewery and restaurant for our community.  We serve the best beer and food we can provide while offering a convivial environment for our customers to enjoy a great conversation over a drink and snack or meal with family, friends and neighbors — old and new.

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