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Are you considering becoming an innkeeper? Then you'll need to know:

 Where and how do I begin?  
• What are the B&B licensing and zoning requirements?  
• Why am I required to live in the B&B? 
• Does the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) apply to B&B's? 
• How do I develop a business plan? 
• What types of financing and ownership are available?  
• Are there benefits to purchasing an operating inn?
• What are realistic occupancy and income figures?


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Discover the answers to these questions and more!
 WBBA's Aspiring Innkeeper Boxed Set includes the 3-ring binder and 3 books (note: 3-ring binder is included with Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar registration)

Behind the Door Marked Private
2 page textbook - the industry standard! 

Developing a B&B Business Plan
     A 94 page guide

Notes from an Innkeeper's Journal
Full of surprises and a primer for want-to-be innkeepers!
    A 162 page book


3-Ring Binder:


Section #1:  Licensing / Legal / Business
B Definitions & Licensing Criteria:
Department of Health & Family Services (DHFS) Chapter 197:  B&B licensing criteria 
Wisconsin Statutes 254.61:  B&B definition
DHFS Chapter 195: Hotels, Motels and Tourist Rooming Houses licensing criteria
DHFS Chapter 172: Safety, Maintenance and Operation of Public Swimming Pools


Discrimination in Public Places of Accommodation 106.52
Wisconsin Act 226:  Complimentary wine service to B&B guests (1993 legislation)
Wisconsin Act 325:  Liability exemption for weight gain and obesity claims (2005)
Wisconsin Act 43:  Waiver for TRH guest breakfast with a B&B licensed facility (1997)
Continental Breakfast:  restaurant permit for Tourist Rooming House licensed facilities
B&B Utensil & Equipment Sanitizing Practices:  DHFS-Environmental Sanitation Unit
DHFS Memo: Questions regarding HFS 197
DHFS Memo: response to “Can a non-commercial dish machine be used for sanitizing?”
Wisconsin Act 205:  Installation of carbon monoxide detectors in B&Bs (2007)
DHFS “Retreat House” policy – comply w/residential building codes  
Bed &Breakfasts Covered by Second Exit Requirement in Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC)
DHFS:  Frequently Asked Questions about B&B’s
DHFS Regions by county:  Contacts for B&B licensing information/inspection
Wisconsin Business Tax Registration Certificate / Seller’s Permit
WI Department of Commerce: Building & Construction: About the Safety and Buildings Division
New Construction / Building Codes, Building Plan Review & Inspection, Regional Reviewers

Section #2:  ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
The ADA and Your Property
ADA Kit for the Small Inn - developed by PAII:  which inns must comply, how to comply, accessibility issues in B&B’s and historic structures
Service Animals in Places of Business (B&B’s)
US Department of the Interior: Making Historic Properties Accessible
Great Lakes Disability & Business Technical Assistance Center: ADA Publications order form


Section #3: Business Development
Wisconsin Department of Tourism: Tourism’s Economic Impact
UWEX Center for Community and Economic Development: financial planning, courses
UWEX B&B Market Analysis
Striving for Economic Success: Is Entrepreneurship For You, Resource List, Legal Deductions, How do Wisconsin Sales & Use Taxes Affect Your Operations?
Department of Commerce:  Guides & Resources for starting or conducting a business
Wisconsin Preservation Information: Wisconsin Historic Preservation, Tax Credits


Section #4:  Marketing
What’s In A Name?
Pricing & Promoting Your Rooms for Maximum Income
Top Ten Internet Marketing Goals
Responsible Travel Report: Green Travel / WI Travel Green Program
Marketing organizations / websites


Section #5:   Property Management
Systems / software information
Section #6:  Purchasing An Inn
Be an Informed Inn Buyer
B&B Ownership Can be a Great Investment
Purchasing an Inn Checklist parts 1+2
Crunching the Numbers to Find the Right Price
What Is Your Inn Worth
Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Inns FOR SALE LIST 
Properties For Sale:  descriptive flyers (optional)


Section #7:  WBBA Membership
About Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association (WBBA) Member Benefits
Membership Eligibility & Application
Standards Program:  Criteria, Tips, Standards Inspection Checklist
Section #8:  WBBA - the Organization
WBBA Conventions:  most recent program and upcoming sample
Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar - schedule, registration, outline
Grievance Process
Regions and Representatives Map


To order the Aspiring Innkeeper Boxed Set:

Online:  order with our secure server

Phone:  call 715-942-8180, Visa, MasterCard, Discover welcomed


Mail:  payment of $150.00 + $10.00 processing fee to the address below. 

Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association
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