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Come Fly with Us - Wisconsin Birding Map

Birding is bliss – just ask the 51 million Americans who’ve made birding the #1 hobby in the country.  If you live to get up early and hit the trail in the hopes of spotting a prehistoric-looking Sandhill Crane, rare Scissor-tailed Flycatcher or any one of the more than 400 species of birds found in Wisconsin, then let us help you put together your travel plans. 

We’ve catalogued nearly 300 birding sites around the state.  Just click on a bird icon below and a list of birding sites within 30 miles of that city will pop up.  Click once more on a specific site and it will take you to that page on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources site.  We’ve also cross-referenced the B&Bs in the vicinity so you can stake out your bird-watching and bed-and-breakfast spots in one fell swoop.   

If you’re new to birding and want to test your wings as an “amateur Audubon,” then the 88 Important Bird Areas around the state are a good place to start your travels. 

Time to seek the unique in the bird kingdom.   

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