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The Wisconsin B&B Association presents 1000 overnight sensations.

If you like to travel like an insider no matter where your adventures take you, then you’ve landed in the right spot.

We have contemporary urban B&Bs, cabins on the water, historic estates, eco-inns and B&Bs for destination weddings, each with one-of-a-kind rooms. Nothing cookie cutter here. And the made-from-scratch breakfasts are the stuff sweet dreams are made of.

All our inns have private baths, so let’s dispel that myth right away. The perks are plentiful and most amenities are free, like free wi-fi, free parking, free snacks and, of course, that incredible breakfast that doesn’t cost you an extra dime.

Our innkeepers are the most knowledgeable concierges you’ll ever meet and the concierge-to-guest ration is the best you’ll ever experience. They’re there when you need them and also know to give you your space.
You can have as much or as little interaction with other guests as you like. You decide

We’re also going to toss this out there: We invented the share economy. The hottest hotel design trend coming and going right now is communal spaces that mimic living rooms, where guests can connect over shared interests. Sound familiar? Just call us the real trendsetters.

As long as we’re on the topic of trends, how about farm to table. Many of our innkeepers have large kitchen gardens to source ingredients for their breakfasts. They support Wisconsin farmers and frequent local farmers’ markets too.
Then there’s the trend of eco-travel. Wisconsin B&Bs have always been the leader in green tourism, as evidenced by the number that achieved voluntary certification through the Travel Green Wisconsin program, a national model of how to tread lightly on the environment while traveling. Plus, when you think about it, every historic inn that is saved, renovated and restored means less going to landfills and less energy spent on creating new building materials.
One last note and it has to do with our standards. Every member inn of the Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast Association is licensed, inspected and insured. Which means you can sleep easy.

You’re unique. Stay that way.

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